Commitment No.1

Comply with local laws and international standards

  • Sanofi ensures compliance with local laws and regulations
    and explicitly expresses its commitment to several
    international Human Rights reference treaties, instruments and
    initiatives and to go beyond such frameworks when needed.

Commitment No.2

Define a reference framework and tools
for all our organizations

  • Sanofi has translated its commitment for Human Rights into
    internal reference tools and policies, to be considered as the
    minimum applicable standards should the local regulation
    be less stringent in any of the Group’s countries of operation.
  • Sanofi has set up dedicated management processes and
    systems (such as Quality, Health, Safety and Environment - HSE,
    Compliance, Drug Safety Monitoring, Internal Audit & Control and
    Risk Management) to answer patients’ rights (right to health, right
    to access to information, etc.), employees’ rights (right to work
    under equitable conditions, right to freedom from discrimination, etc.)
    and compliance with all internal reference tools and policies in place.
    In addition, since 2006, a warning system has been in place to allow
    early detection and handling of non-compliant behaviors.

Commitment No.3

Engage with our employees and empower suppliers
to reach Sanofi standards

  • Self-assessments are performed and monitored using internal
    dedicated tools to evaluate in-house practices at global and
    country levels.
  • Assessments have also been conducted by Sanofi since 2007
    to evaluate the labour practices of Sanofi suppliers, monitor
    specific topics linked to Human Rights at work and ensure that
    the Sanofi Suppliers Code of Conduct rules are respected. In
    2012, Sanofi implemented a new Procurement Risk Assessment
    Model which includes CSR and Human Rights criteria.

Commitment No.4

Raise awareness of Sanofi management teams

  • Senior executives and heads of a range of functions at Sanofi
    have attended training sessions on Human Rights tailored
    specifically to the pharmaceutical industry.
  • In order to bring Human Rights issues to the attention of as
    many employees as possible, the “Sanofi in our activities”
    document will gradually be deployed in all Sanofi organizations,
    at both corporate and local levels.