Human rights at work

The right to work under equitable conditions is a fundamental human right and also a way for individuals to participate in their community and wider society. Human Rights at work are recognized in a number of international reference treaties as well as by local laws and regulations.

Providing a workplace where Human Rights are respected equally for all employees represents a vast array of challenges for an employer, and most of these challenges can be addressed through Human Resources and Social Relations policies and processes. Beyond internal policies and processes, companies also need to closely monitor the labor practices of business partners such as suppliers, subcontractors or security forces to ensure the respect and compliance of Human Rights across the supply chain.

  • Respect freedom of association
    and collective bargaining
  • Fight against child labor
  • Eliminate all forms of forced
    and bonded labor
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  • Apply a responsible compensation policy
  • Prohibit all forms of discrimination
  • Guarantee occupational health and
    safety and protect from physical
    and psychological violence
  • Commit to workforce development
  • Respect employee privacy
  • Manage human rights risks
    when dealing with suppliers

Key Stakeholders

Governments and
international institutions


Employees and
employee representatives

Examples of Sanofi's good practices

Sanofi’s commitment to abolish forced or compulsory labor is anchored in the
group’s Social Charter and Human resources policies, Code of Ethics as well as
monitored with suppliers/contractors through Sanofi’s suppliers Code of Conduct.
  • We ensure that all job applicants and employees understand their general working terms and conditions.

  • We monitor working hours and compensating overtime.
  • We forbid unreasonable restrictions on workers’ human basic liberties, such as the fulfillment of their essential needs and the freedom of movement.

  • We prevent debt-induced labor, i.e. situations where employees are compelled to work overtime or to remain in their position to repay a debt to the company.

Human Rights

Right to freedom from forced or bonded labor